The history

The Park was built in 1587 as a “horto” of the Convent of the Capuchin Friars Minor of Cannara, a convent placed under the protection of Sant’Antonio Abate, who for almost three hundred years played a very important role in the life of the Cannarese community and in that of the surrounding countryside. In 1886 the convent was suppressed and sold to the Pesci Maiolica family acquiring the name still known today of Villa Cappuccini or Villa Pesci.

In the following decades, the park of Villa Cappuccini continued to be a point of reference for the community, in fact here until the early 70s of the twentieth century the feast of Sant’Antonio Abate was still celebrated.

The Recovery Project

From 2020, starting from the consolidation of the ancient sixteenth-century walls, the redevelopment process of the park of Villa Cappuccini and the related green area has begun.

The recovery of the park and of the wooded area present within it has the purpose of restoring this place of interest in our area to its former glory.

Il Cicaleto


The park today, also thanks to its redevelopment, is a pleasant and welcoming place suitable for spending a few hours of relaxation in the shade of its imposing vegetation.

Its green spaces are in fact available by reservation to our guests for walks, to spend an afternoon or for a packed breakfast prepared with the products of our company.


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